Memories of Love

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Regala Banting

Thirty nine years ago today, my father and mother got married despite the odds. My maternal grandmother’s strong opposition posed a lot of obstacles to the romance between the handsome Kapampangan and the lovely Ilongga, but the trials only made their love stronger. Continue reading

To The One I Miss The Most

Dearest Papa Joe,

The silver tree is up.

The lights are on.

But you’re not here with us to fill the air with Christmas carols.

I can still recall your reaction when you saw my golden hair for the celebration.

You smiled and affirmed my boldness.

And yes, I can still recall how you giggled when Mama kept teasing you about your receding hairline.

I never thought I would welcome the first day of December

with nagging thoughts about you.

I never thought that December 2007 would be our last year of celebrating Christmas together.

I never thought I would be this sad even with all the red trimmings around me.

I miss you so much, my hero!

Christmas will never be the same without you.

I may be crying a river but I am not depressed.

As I promised you, I will be strong.

I will be a joyful channel of God’s love to the people around me.

I will honor you by being passionate in everything I do.

Opo, Papa– bigay todo ako sa buhay, habang may hininga…

Forever your baby girl,