“Ani Mi sa GenSan, Anime ang Paskuhan”

The Pasko sa GenSan 2010 theme is officially out:

“Ani Mi sa GenSan, Anime ang Paskuhan”.

In support of the celebration,

I changed my Facebook Profile Pic to an Anime character.

I will also make sure that I will be at the Oval Plaza

on December 6, 2010 for the Grand Opening Salvo.

I look forward to having gigabytes of pictures taken with my nieces

at the site where cool Anime characters are painted on canvass by talented students.

I will go around the site to find out for myself whose Pavilions will stand out.

I feel like I am 7 years old again, ready to relish every part of Christmas.

Program Director Egai Cadiente is right, “The “General” is also a child.”

Magandang GenSan at Maligayang Pasko!