Memories of Love

Mr. and Mrs. Jose Regala Banting

Thirty nine years ago today, my father and mother got married despite the odds. My maternal grandmother’s strong opposition posed a lot of obstacles to the romance between the handsome Kapampangan and the lovely Ilongga, but the trials only made their love stronger. Continue reading

A Hope Fulfilled by Love

It is the first day of the Love Month and I am curious. Are you in a relationship? If yes, I rejoice with you! If no, are you hoping to be in a relationship? Do you refuse to give up the hope of being pursued and loved? How long have you been waiting for the answers to your longings of love?

I understand how it is to remain hopeful in the midst of pain from a broken heart. I know how it is to wait for years for the answers to prayers. And I experienced how it is to have a hope fulfilled by love.

Here is a love letter I have written in 1996, ten years before I got married to Mosler Paul Lapore. Little did I know that ten years after crafting this love letter, these lines would be spoken by Hazel Lynn Maghuyop as introduction during my wedding ceremony in December 30, 2006 .

Read through, my friends, and realize that God has a way of fulfilling our hopes beyond what we expect or imagine.

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Of Pruning and Growing

Growth is the only evidence of life. ~John Henry Newman

One of the things that I will always remember about my father is his passion for plants. With his green thumb, he made full use of our limited spot in the subdivision where we my brother and I have grown. My Papa Joe planted just about anything- from orchids to okra, from avocado to pomelo. Continue reading

Small Fruits, Big Smiles

How can something so simple make me smile this big?

One day, my husband surprised me and brought something that caught my fancy, a bowlful of local cherries! I ate it with gusto as if it were as expensive as grapes and as exotic as durian! He was so glad that it takes only such small fruits to elicit big smiles from me.While savoring each fruit, I made him realize that his bowlful of surprise is fondly associated with joyful childhood memories. That moment, I wished I can climb a tree and pick the fruits for myself. Continue reading