Twelve Big Decisions

The way you choose to invest your time today directly affects your future. ~John Maxwell

Taking the cue from the lessons learned during the John Maxwell’s Million Leaders Mandate Volume 2, Notebook 1: Today Matters, I am making the decision to focus on these twelve big decisions:

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All These Things

For 2011, I made a long list of plans, wishes and dreams that I want to translate in to reality. Just like you, I am eager to seize the promise of the future. This early, I can sense the awesome force that beckons us to explore the unknown. I am ready to get out of my comfort zone! I am ready to explore the unknown!

There are a lot of places I want to visit, a lot of people I want to meet, a lot of trainings I want to conduct,  a lot of dishes I want to cook, a lot of extreme adventures I want to experience, the list goes on and on…

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