Cemetery of Negativism

In a recent trip to Baguio City, my beloved husband and I made it a point to visit a different kind of attraction – the Cemetery of Negativism, also known as Lost Cemetery or Pet Cemetery, located at the Historic Core of Camp John Hay.

It is said that in the early 1980s, base commander John Hightower, the one who designed the graveyard, invited all camp employees to identify the negative thoughts and attitudes that hampered their productivity at work. They were enjoined to symbolically bury negativism in the site. A mock funeral was even conducted to complete the ceremony.

We were greeted with a welcome signage that states: “Negativism is man’s greatest self-imposed infliction, his most limiting factor, his heaviest burden. No more, for here is buried the world’s negativism for all time. those who rest here have died not in vain – but for you a stern reminder — as you leave this hill remember that the rest of your life, Be more positive. Have a good day! – Treat today like it’s your last – though it’s the first of the rest… CJH”

Each tombstone in the graveyard is an interesting reminder of the futility of cultivating negative thoughts. My husband and I symbolically buried our negative thoughts as we moved around reflecting about our lives.

Which among these negative thoughts and attitudes should you bury today?

ETZ NOT POSSIBLE: Conceived11 Nov. 1905 – Still Not Born

LETZ STUDY IT: Delayed Birth ~Step Childhood~Never Reached Maturity

WHY DIDENT I?~Born ????? Lived Wondering Why-Died for no Reason

KANTOU NUTHIN RIGHT~Born Dec. 5, 1905-Died June 14, 1903

WIL NOT LAST ~Born 3June 1906 and didn’t

UHAFTO OR ELSE~Born of Intimidation-Lived in Resentment-Died Without Fame

BOSS WONT LETTUCE~A Great Idea 22 May 1907-Hilted 1 Sept. 1909

BLAME MI WILL YA~Adopted 4 July 1911-Returned 5 July 1911

Today, let us remember that life is short. Let us not waste our God-given potentials with negativism. Let us be proactive and take responsibility for our choices.  Let us make the most out of every opportunity as we maximize the moments for God’s glory and honor.

4 thoughts on “Cemetery of Negativism

  1. AEthanoscopy says:

    Nice one Gen. Joana! We missed to visit this place when I and my ofis ‘kadas went to Baguio. Given a chance to bury negativism, I’ll have “I KNOW THAT” first on the list. These are 3 dangerous words. May these rest in peace. 🙂

  2. My wife and I enjoyed our Baguio trip. Camp John Hay allowed us to revisit the rich history of our country and hail our heroes. We went around the historic core, holding hands while walking… hugging each other na nga eh dahil sa lamig.

    If you happen to visit Baguio City, visit Camp John Hay and enter the Cemetery of Negativism. Bring with you your jacket because it’s so cold there especially during late afternoon.

  3. Normally, my beloved husband would sweat even in high cool setting. But hey, Camp John Hay made him shiver!

    My Piao, kelan tayo balik ng Baguio?

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