Manila Ocean Park Adventure

A day before our Singapore trip, my husband and I decided to make our Auntie Susan’s birthday week special by going to Manila Ocean Park. We were glad to find out in the park’s official website that there are special treats for the season. We unanimously decided to avail of the Sun Up Special Mid-year Savers promo at PhP600 per person.

Since we had more than two hours before the Sea Lion Show, we decided to proceed to the Oceanarium. The diverse species of marine creatures in the giant aquariums made us gasp in amazement.

We were surrounded with fishes of different colors, shapes and sizes. Since no flash photography was allowed inside the facility, my husband and I captured some images by maximizing the available light using 50mm/1.8 lens.

At the inner sections of the Oceanarium, we were transported to another world. We were underwater without getting wet.

The marine park is not just for kids. It is for every curious individual who knows how to have fun!

My mother who is 65 years old enjoyed every second of our ocean park adventure. She kept telling us that she wants her grandchildren to experience the same.

We were filled with awe and wonder as we marveled in God’s creation!

The exciting marine encounter was made even special with the company of two amazing women who are God’s expression of love and grace to us – Auntie Susan and Mama Nanie.

By the way, the Glass Bottom Boat Ride was not worth it. The four of us ended up dizzy after the boring 10-minute ride. Go for the Sun Up Saver at PhP 600 so you can enjoy the unique Fish Spa experience on top of the Oceanarium, Sea Lion Show and Jellies. Nevertheless, the marine encounter made us appreciate how blessed our planet is!

Next post, I will share with you my encounter with the captivating Jellies. For now, let me know if you had your own marine encounter. How was it? Please feel free to share, dear readers.

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