I was out of the blogosphere for more than two months because I got preoccupied with offline priorities. Convinced that I would have more stories to tell and more articles to write if I allow myself to be engrossed with my key relationships, I decided to focus on what I deemed valuable. As relationships and responsibilities screamed for my attention, I decided to set aside certain things like shopping and blogging.

While time is ticking, I realized the importance and urgency of setting priorities. Naturally, marriage is on top of my priorities. My beloved husband and I put premium to our covenant that is why we seize every opportunity to grow together. With the limited hours in a day, we agreed to maximize our time after work by preparing home cooked meals and doing household chores together while talking about anything under the sun. Lately, our discussions revolve around travel plans (we have one this July and another in August) and business possibilities (we have several entrepreneurial ideas).  We are also considering a lot of options regarding our future.

In the coming days, I will be more engrossed with relationships and responsibilities. However, I choose not to be anxious. A  lot of opportunities are finding their way to my doorstep, but with well-defined priorities, I know what to say no to.

By the way, I made this post in celebration of my 54th Wedding Monthsary. June 30 is a reminder  that my beloved husband and I are six months away from our 5th Wedding Anniversary! This day is also a reminder that I have the power to choose to blog (or not to blog).

Greater things are yet to come!

4 thoughts on “Preoccupied

  1. TO BLOG. i’m glad you’re back, ma’am JOaNa..
    You’re the reason why I blog. I mean, when you’re having a seminar about BASiCS in HOSTiNG at Holy Trinity College (I’m one of the participants) , I was encouraged to make my own BlogsiTe, too. Thank you, maam!

  2. nice A says:

    Happy for your priorities, dear! I do love to blog more often or shall we say more regularly but I have set my priorities. Like you, of course, I place relationships on top. I have my 2 kids to set aside time for long-distance parenting, my toddler who always grabs my attention whenever I sit down in front of the computer, not to mention the hubby who also seeks bonding time after a day’s work. I like what you said here and I strongly adhere to it: “This day is also a reminder that I have the power to choose to blog (or not to blog).”

  3. Roxanne Magalit Jaranilla(SAM) says:

    Ma’am,it’s a gorgeous thing to know that there’s still a person like you even if we can’t deny the fact that mostly today as we are striving between worldly and Godly will,in human doings the first affected thing is our relationship with the people we love.I also have priorities and I want to keep it strong not only because I want to be like you someday but I want to enjoy life with the relationship I have to the people I love and cared for,such as you in the presence of God.Have a blessed journey.

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