Happy Heart’s Day!

Extreme Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel, Cebu, Philippines

What pleasant surprises are in store for us today? Will it be a romantic dinner or an extreme adventure? Will there be mint chocolates or mushy notes? Will there be a creative blend of the 5 Love Languages?  Excitement is mounting!I did not have to wait long for the surprises to start coming because Valentine’s Day celebration started early for me. My husband prepared heart-shaped French Vanilla cupcakes loaded with walnuts, cashew nuts and chocolate chips just before midnight. He lavished me with warm hugs in between baking. After I munched on the super moist delight, I received another surprise: freshly picked, rain-drenched White Cattleya and Sampaguita. I am so glad he remembers that I do not like red roses! His sweet gestures make me smile from ear to ear.

With how this day is unfolding, I am certain there are some more surprises in the offing! The surprises may be intricate or simple, what matters is how much love goes into it and flows from it.

Let us bear in mind the words of Rick Warren, author of Purpose Driven Life, as we daily celebrate life and love:

“The best use of life is love.

The best expression of love is time.

The best time to love is now.”

For the record: we are NOT wearing red today. We are wearing the purple couple shirts given by our Mama Nanie. Yebah!

Have a day lavished with love, dear readers!

4 thoughts on “Happy Heart’s Day!

  1. anelin says:

    This is so inspiring. Even I am smiling from ear to ear just reading your blog. 🙂

  2. hey maam.. i am 1 am one of your students in english grammar.. i was so inspired of reading your blog..its so nice …=> GOD BLESS YOU

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