A Hope Fulfilled by Love

It is the first day of the Love Month and I am curious. Are you in a relationship? If yes, I rejoice with you! If no, are you hoping to be in a relationship? Do you refuse to give up the hope of being pursued and loved? How long have you been waiting for the answers to your longings of love?

I understand how it is to remain hopeful in the midst of pain from a broken heart. I know how it is to wait for years for the answers to prayers. And I experienced how it is to have a hope fulfilled by love.

Here is a love letter I have written in 1996, ten years before I got married to Mosler Paul Lapore. Little did I know that ten years after crafting this love letter, these lines would be spoken by Hazel Lynn Maghuyop as introduction during my wedding ceremony in December 30, 2006 .

Read through, my friends, and realize that God has a way of fulfilling our hopes beyond what we expect or imagine.


May 1996

To my future husband,

It inspires me to realize that in God’s own beautiful time, we will discover each other. In that appointed time, we will be filled with a love that could only come from Him – our Creator.

You and I will come in full knowledge of that day. Our hearts will be filled with love, joy and peace. Whatever will threaten our union will be exposed and released from our threshold. With God as our Matchmaker, we will succeed.

I would enter into our relationship enlightened. I won’t be disillusioned by the lies of this world. You are unique and you are a special creation set apart for me. I may not be able to completely know you but you will be loved and accepted. You will be treated with respect and wonder. You are God’s gift to me. That thought alone would enable me to go on valuing you.

You would know me like no one ever did. With you, I will be transparent yet shrouded with some beautiful mysteries so that I will remain exciting for you. I will be your pride and joy. I’ll bring honor. I will strive hard to think, speak, and act well so that our union will be blessed, not cursed.

I will remain faithful to you. I will stick with you, no matter what. There would be storms and trials that would come our way but I’ll be there for you- as you will be there for me. By our strength, we will not be able to hold our ground. It’s going to be tough but it’s going to be worth it. What would come in between us with God as our strength and our guide?

We will serve the Lord will all our strength, soul, and mind. We will seek His Kingdom first. Our family will be glorious in His sight. We will raise our children with His precepts and with fear in Him.

Every day will be welcomed with joy, love and peace in our hearts as we focus on Christ not in our circumstances. Problems will be creative opportunities that will help us discover our potentials in the Lord. The day will not pass without us taking time to smell the flowers, feel the rays of the sun or the trickles of the rain. We will watch every sunrise and sunset with awe, wonder and thanksgiving.

I will bare my soul to you and you will discover the beauties within me that no other mortal have seen. Soon, they will be made evident as they would naturally be radiated in my face and in my life. I will not be afraid to love and to risk.

You will see my scars turned into stars. You will see me growing and glowing in the Lord. You will see me worthy of your love because God would make me so. Nothing is impossible for him.

And as I wait for that day, I will be faithful and patient in my training and preparation. Yes, I am equipping my self with God’s virtues and values so that I won’t be found wanting on that day of reckoning.

I’m taking my time, not wasting it, because for sure you will be worth the wait!

From a hopeful heart,


3 thoughts on “A Hope Fulfilled by Love

  1. juren says:

    ate i love it……

  2. juren says:

    super duper like tlaga ate J….. wow…..

  3. onin says:

    supeeerrrr duppperrr gandaaa. God is great!

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