Strut the Fuchsia Line: A Debut Like No Other

Thank you, Michael Chan, for this photo.

Chito and Junith Bogayong presented their bunso, Eugeremi Justine EJ, to society on January 29, 2011 through a fabulous fashion show themed event.  Through the creative collaboration of EJ’s elder sister, Ehlaiza, and Gensan’s premier event directors, Egai Cadiente and Bing Cariño,  the guests witnessed the rituals and protocols of a traditional debut with a twist. A runway was constructed in Phela Grande Convention Center where the guests were honored to review the creation of Mindanao’s foremost fashion designer, the multi-awarded Emi Alexander Englis.

The runway where the debutante strutted the fuchsia line.

The 18 candles was integrated in the Emi Englis Tectonics Collection which was featured in the Philippine Fashion Week Luxe Wear Show and was also featured in Preview Forecast in Mega Magazine Style for its Engineered Futuristic Fusion Issue.

The debutante's cotillion court wore the Emi Englis Cottilion Collection. Julius Lagare, Atlanta Festival Ballet's Principal Dancer in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, choreographed the court dance.

The grand entrance of the debutante in her fabulous moment to strut the fuchsia line.

Fabulous sisters Ehlaiza and Eugeremi Justine EJ

The 18 wishes during the 18 candles were transformed into prayers.

The heartwarming father and daughter dance made me cry.

Kuya Chito's beautifully crafted letter (3 months in the making, according to the father) moved EJ and the guests to tears. (I can't help but miss my Papa Joe!)

Six years ago, I was a masked contessa in the Viena Masquerade Ball themed debut of Ehlaiza. EJ was only 12 when her Ate Ehlaiza turned 18. Now that I am more than six kilos heavier and more than six inches bigger, I got to do the catwalk before giving my opening spiel. Wheeeew! Good thing Emi Englis made me look confident in this gray creation. Thanks a lot, Emi!

Christine Padilla led the pack of homegrown models who strut the various collections of Emi Englis.

Before the 18 Roses, the Art Deco Collection of Emi Englis for the Philippine Fashion Week Design Fusion, featured in the editorial spread of Style Magazine, was presented in the runway.

Even after the release of the 18 lanterns, the guests stayed and enjoyed the aftershow dance party. What a blast!

The creative team led by Egai Cadiente and Bing Cariño together with Julius Lagare, Emi Englis and Michael Esponilla.

The creative fusion of fashion and debut celebration was made possible through the collaboration of Ehlaiza and the Cadiente+Cariño Productions. This remarkable event is one of the reasons why I was not able to hit the keyboard and type a word for my weekend posts. And I must say, savoring such enriching experience offline is one great reason to be absent from the blogosphere for two days!

Happy 18th Birthday, EJ!
It was EJ’s wish to veer away from the usual princess and fairy themed debut.
And that night, her wish was magnificently granted!
Indeed, it was a debut like no other!

Photos, after that of Michael Chan‘s, were captured by my beloved husband, Mosler Paul Lapore.

4 thoughts on “Strut the Fuchsia Line: A Debut Like No Other

  1. jinky says:

    it was truly a magical evening made livelier by the very dynamic emcee. . . .

  2. Donna says:

    definitely a debut like no other!!! 🙂 fit for the unique debutant, EJ 🙂 you were magnificent and glamorous as well 🙂

  3. emi englis says:

    Thank you my dearest joanna for the overwhelming credits 🙂 God’s blessings!

  4. liezl says:

    wow…ang unique ng theme ng debut, like it.

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