Birthday in Heaven

Dearest Papa Joe,

How are you?

Is it fun being in heaven?

I just want to know (I am not in a hurry to go).

Today is special.

It’s your 65th birthday, your third up there.

Are the angels throwing you a party?

Papu, I am going to visit your grave before dawn.

But my heart breaks, knowing that I could no longer hug you as the sun rises.

I am going to prepare your favorite dishes in the evening.

But my soul cries, knowing I could no longer hear your bursts of laughter over dinner.







Even so, I celebrate, we celebrate.

We celebrate because you were given to us.

We celebrate because you are alive in our hearts.

I really hope that God will allow you to read this letter.

I pray that He will whisper how much we love you!

God knows that  I miss you so much, dear Papa.

Enjoy eternity in God’s presence.

Your grateful daughter,





6 thoughts on “Birthday in Heaven

  1. ric dedicatoria says:

    hapi bday papa joe, LET’S HAVE A PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mwah

  2. GensanBoy says:

    I’m sure he is happy that he is remembered specially on his birthday! 🙂

  3. […] I rejoice. I rejoice because through my parents, I learned so much about living and loving. Papa Joe may no longer be with us and Mama Nanie aches for his presence, but the memories of love will keep […]

  4. It’s my pleasure to read this kind of article, maybe because I can relate also to what I am reading.I know that its hard to let go someone who was very important to you especially those person who give you love and care to live in this world happily but we should also accept the fact that everything had its ending. So CHEER UP! because all the things happened has a good reason.

  5. Charlene Ubas says:

    Everything has a purpose, maybe God has the reasons. That’s why God gave us the second life which is ETERNAL LIFE because He loves us and he care for us. Everyone has a journey on that matter and no one could predict that circumstance.

    Ma’am get well soon.

  6. This article touches my heart.. even though your father is already in heaven i know his love for you remains in her heart and you showed how much you love him. Because not everyone is given the chance to grow older. So appreciate and thank GOD for every single day of your life.. Stay kind and pretty Ma’am Joana.. We’re always here for you. HAPPY Teacher’s Day Ma’am ^_^ We LOVE you! GOD BLESS !

    This is WENCY ERMAC your student.

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