Today Matters

One of the things that help sharpen my saw is joining conferences that refresh my mind, heart and soul, and strengthen my commitment and resolve to make the most out of my days.

John Maxwell’s Million Leaders Mandate Volume 2 started in February 2008 with Notebook 1 Lesson “Today Matters”. My associates and I decided to fly to Cebu City to attend the conference that was scheduled every six months for a span of three years. We found ourselves flocking to the Convention Center of Cebu, eager to learn as much as we can.

This is one conference that does not hurt your pocket but fills your being to the brim and causes it to overflow.

Aside from practically free materials and free meals, there are precious moments to share with people who share the same passion for growth and transformation.

Some of the valuable lessons I learned from Notebook 1 in 2008 are still fresh in my memory. Today, I remind myself that:

  1. We exaggerate yesterday.
  2. We overestimate tomorrow.
  3. We underestimate today.
  4. Today’s attitude gives me possibilities.
  5. Today’s priorities give me focus.
  6. Today’s health gives me strength.
  7. Today’s thinking gives me an advantage.
  8. Today’s commitment gives me tenacity.
  9. Today’s faith gives me peace.
  10. Today’s relationships give me fulfillment.

I will always bear in mind that yesterday ended last night and tomorrow is not yet here. Today matters.

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