Time to Think

Life consists in what a man is thinking of all day. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Recognizing that life is short, I could not allow time to drift without achieving something essential. I want my life to matter. I want my days to count. As part my 12 Big Decisions for 2011, I see to it that I practice and develop good thinking daily. In John Maxwell’s book “Thinking For A Change”, 11  different types of thinking are discussed. The book outlines how one should go about disciplining oneself to use these thought methods:1.       Big Picture ThinkingThe ability to think beyond yourself and your world in order to be more objective.

2.      Focused ThinkingThe ability to think with clarity by removing distractions from your mind.

3.      Creative ThinkingThe ability to break out of your “box” of limitations and explore totally new ideas.

4.      Realistic ThinkingThe ability to build a solid foundation of facts in order to think with certainty.

5.      Strategic ThinkingThe ability to implement plans that give direction and increase your potential.

6.      Possibility ThinkingThe ability to unleash the enthusiasm and hope to find solutions for the impossible.

7.      Reflective ThinkingThe ability to revisit the past in order to gain perspective and understanding for the future.

8.      Critical ThinkingThe ability to reject the limitations of popular thought to gain uncommon results.

9.      Shared ThinkingThe ability to include the ideas of others in order to gain compound results.

10.   Unselfish ThinkingThe ability to consider others and their journey in order to achieve collaboration.

11.    Bottom-Line ThinkingThe ability to focus on maximum results to reap your thoughts’ fullest potential.

Maxwell states that through a regular discipline of thought we will form the habit of thinking productively and effectively. With these key points in mind, I have made the decision to discipline my thought life. Whatever I allow to enter my mind and allow to linger there will greatly affect my life.  Garbage in, garbage out. Beauty in, beauty out.

Today, I am thinking through my belief system, my values, my responsibilities, my priorities and my dreams. I will not allow this day to pass without taking time to think. Knowing that a day is not be enough to cover everything I need to ponder on, I am determined to make it a daily habit. No matter how busy my days will be, I will take time to think daily.

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