Of Pruning and Growing

Growth is the only evidence of life. ~John Henry Newman

One of the things that I will always remember about my father is his passion for plants. With his green thumb, he made full use of our limited spot in the subdivision where we my brother and I have grown. My Papa Joe planted just about anything- from orchids to okra, from avocado to pomelo.

In our backyard, the sweet and sour Pomelo fruit is within reach.

There is this one strange-sounding fruit-bearing tree that he planted at the backyard that caught my attention- Longgans. I found out that a kilo of it would peg to as much as 200 pesos (roughly $5) per kilo. Imagine my surprise when my father started to mercilessly cut the branches. How could Papa afford to do such a thing? I shouted, hoping to stop him from cutting some more branches but to no avail. All I did was shake my head in disbelief and protest.

Admittedly, Papa did a lot of things that baffled me. I just consoled myself thinking that such an incident would one day bring me a lesson that I will never forget.

Weeks after the branches came contact with the blade, I saw an amazing thing. The tree bloomed with so many tiny flowers. I never saw such a thing before! Papa told me that those blooms will be the very fruits that we will get to savor in just a matter of time. He explained that what he did was to prune the tree to give way for fruitfulness.

Longgan Tree laden with fruit.

Growth, I have come to realize, will surely happen in the context of change. Change is painful. It is never easy. Our Father in Heaven has a way of pruning us – cutting off unnecessary parts of our being – so that we will be fruitful.

In our work and in our living, we must recognize that difference is a reason for celebration and growth, rather than a reason for destruction. ~Audre Lorde

2 thoughts on “Of Pruning and Growing

  1. carlietapsz says:

    yeah ! change is painfuL 😦 But it will make up our lives 🙂 GOD will shape us the way He wanted us to be 🙂

  2. jinky says:


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