Twelve Big Decisions

The way you choose to invest your time today directly affects your future. ~John Maxwell

Taking the cue from the lessons learned during the John Maxwell’s Million Leaders Mandate Volume 2, Notebook 1: Today Matters, I am making the decision to focus on these twelve big decisions:

  1. FAITH: Deepen and live out my faith daily.
  2. FAMILY: Communicate with and care for my family daily.
  3. RELATIONSHIPS: Initiate and invest in solid relationships daily.
  4. ATTITUDE: Choose and display the right attitudes daily.
  5. COMMITMENT: Make and keep proper commitments daily.
  6. PRIORITIES: Determine and act on important priorities daily.
  7. HEALTH: Know and follow healthy guidelines daily.
  8. FINANCES: Earn and properly manage money daily.
  9. GENEROSITY: Plan for and model generosity daily.
  10. THINKING: Practice and develop good thinking daily.
  11. VALUES: Embrace and practice good values daily.
  12. GROWTH: Seek and experience improvements daily.

You had better live your best and act your best and think your best today; for today is the sure preparation for tomorrow and all the other tomorrows that follow. ~Harriet Martineau

Today, I am going to echo these twelve big decisions to a group of women who are eager to be refreshed and who are willing to be made accountable. Being proactive, I am taking practical steps to make sure that these choices are deeply ingrained in my heart and soul. I do not want to be disqualified from receiving the blessings of walking in obedience. I do not want to be merely blabbing or blogging about these things. I want these choices to be made manifest in what I do daily because I am convinced that today matters.


37 thoughts on “Twelve Big Decisions

  1. Mosler Paul Lapore says:

    You are blessed to be a blessing!

    Today you will be a person of influence to the lives to these women God has entrusted to you to equip them!

    I’m so proud of you.


  2. Diarrel Anne P. Ferrer says:

    Hi Ma’am, among these twelve big decisions,my top most priority is my FAMILY,
    ’cause they are the only ones I have, they love me so much and I love them
    so much too.That’s all Ma’am.God bless and more power!!

  3. Vinna Pagbonocan Boholst says:

    For me ma’am, upon those 12 Big Decisions I would focus, the very TOP decision I’ve decided to do is to focus on my thinking. Because for me, I can’t do all Big those decisions if I haven’t focused yet on my thinking. Everything we do, It was registered first on our minds before doing it. Everything we say, it comes first on our mind before saying it. Our mind is very powerful, so if we learn how to control our minds, we also know how to control our actions and our words. That’s why I’ve decided to focus on my thinking. Good day. šŸ™‚

  4. Jessie Jane Z.Nosotros says:

    Hi ma’am,among those 12 decision,the first in my list is ATTITUDE because it is very important.I choose this also because if you add all the letters you can get a 100% and good character is the best if you use it properly.A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. A person who has good thoughts or character cannot ever be ugly. Thank you ma’am and god bless.

  5. donna olan-olan says:

    For me ma’am,I think among the 12 decisions,my top most focus is my growth..
    It was said there,that growth means to seek and and experience improvements daily..
    I believe that having an awareness of one’s growth, everything will just keep coming..because you are already aware of everything that is happening on you..
    You are already a person who has faith,values ,attitudes and can easily accept mistakes and get lessons from it..and ready to improve much of what you have for the better..and i believe a person with growth would likely experience things that he/she doesn’t expected.

  6. Hannah Silvano says:

    Hi ma’am. For me, the top most decision I will make is VALUES. Because if I will not be able to embrace and practice good values, I would be blinded and will lack the ability to properly judge the other eleven decisions i shall make.

  7. Glicen Lou Monton says:

    Greetings in His Name!Good evening,ma’am!These twelve big decisions are equally important .Having all of these will surely make a very admiring and an extra ordinary life.In my own self,I have chosen one big decision out from these twelve and it is the “ATTITUDE.”Attitude because it represents us,the way we act as well as the way we look at our selves.As a matter of fact,our outside appearance is not important but what is inside does.
    Attitudes are contagious,”Are yours worth catching?”

  8. Stephanie B. EspaƱola says:

    Good Evening Ma’am, among those 12 Big Decisions, I preferred most is VALUES. It is because, I can manage the rest Big Decisions with the proper usage of my Values. Thank you!

  9. Hi Ma`am. Among those 12 big decisions,I choose the most is the family because we all know that the first and the foremost thing that is important in a family is love.
    In fact, the whole concept of a family, of the caring and sharing we undertake here, is based on love only.
    Family members are concerned about each other’s well being only because they love each other.

  10. lyod lendio says:

    hello ma’am, among these 12 decisions, I will prioritize my attitude because this year I want to develop my attitude, not by changing it but to develop a new me, I want to enlarge my attitude especially in being with others, and also I will make myself not only a better person gut the person that I can be..

  11. This 12 big decisions is very significant of every one of us…but for me I will preferred most is my FAMILY,it is because being a human being we cannot live in our own we need some person or people to communicate because of our being gregarious…The rest of of big decisions is being teached of my family to me so that i choosen them..And for the rest of my life I will love THem and I will protect THem as best taht I can..
    Have a nice day Ma’am……ahehehe

  12. arnold says:

    hi ma’am, for me, in this 12 big decisions i will choose my family because they teach me the rest big decisions. tha all! ! thank you! ! !

  13. Have a pleasant victory mom!among the twelve big decisions I preferably chose “commitment” because it is the provenance of your attitude,values,growth and etc.My life started with a commitment it guided me to my daily activities to be successful and strong in life. I need to develop “relationship” for it is hard to me to accept any opinion because for me opinion is just a word that could not weigh a fact. My 3 practical steps to develop my thinking skills are study hard with comprehension,read the books and seek the guidance of our Lord.

  14. Have a pleasant victory mom!among the twelve big decisions I preferably chose “committment” because it is the provenance of my attitude,values,growth and etc.My life started with a committment it guided me to my daily activities to be a successfull and strong in life.And a decision I need to develop is “relatoionship” for it is hard to me to accept any opinion because for me opinion is just a word that could not weigh a fact.and my 3 practical steps to develop my thinking skills are;study hard with comprehension,read the books and help the guidance of our lord.

  15. Hello Ma’am.
    Among those 12 Big Decisions, I’d reather to choose FAMILY because for me that is very important and since I have a broken family, I preffered to get focused on this Big Decisions.
    Thank You!

  16. joenor says:

    hi ma’am good morning! for me, i will choose FAITH because i know it represent us so that i am free! ! that all thank you and to god be the glory! ! !

  17. bjrutas says:

    Hi Ma’am Joana i choose FAITH because is in general the persuasion of the mind that a certain statement is true.

  18. jobelyn cadungog says:

    hi ma’am good day!!!
    For me I will focus on my health because if you have a good health you can do the rest you wanted to do…And I believe “HEALTH IS WEALTH”.
    thank you….

  19. Lyju Melee R. Tabingo says:

    Good evening ma’am,I hope you had a pleasant day today!!
    For me I will focus on thinking because I know that a person that think properly before doing anything will have a better results. I believe that I should think deeply and carefully for whatever big decisions that I will make to be able to have a satisfied and fulfilling results. God bless you always, Ma’am.

  20. Hi Maam;[]
    Among those 12 big decisions, I’d rather choose “growth” as my topmost focus because for me growth is one of a kind necessitate processing for us as a human being. As we continue to grow up, we face a lot of different aspects in life, in order to test our ability and overcome our immaturity to become fully-grown and better person as well. We must have love and respect for others and love for our family. We need to grow in order to handle relationships seriously and the most important things above all is have faith in God. We must put our God as a center in our lives. And that’s the real essence about growing up! Growth seek and experience improvements— I agree with that statement!
    Thank you Ma’am.

  21. Mark Cornell says:

    Good day, Mom. I give two thumbs up to Ms. Glicen’s thought, that for sure, the 12 big decisions are all equally important. But if we’ll talk about what I really prioritize the most among those, that would be “Faith”. I chose so because deepening and living out faith would mean one chooses God to be the center of his life. If God is the center of our life, then our focus is righteousness. This would exactly mean that whatever we do or wherever we go we’ll stick to righteousness and the other 11 decisions will just follow.

  22. cherry pizon says:

    Hi ma’am… for me, i will prioritize my Faith
    toward the Lord., always believing the Lord that
    He let all things happen for a purpose, as the
    Bible said, we should seek His kingdom first
    and all things shall be added unto us.

    • Sheliene JOy P. Canda says:

      A pleasant morning ma’am…Among those 12 big decisions,I choose the most is the family because we all know that the first and the foremost thing that is important in a family is love..the second is FAITH, the faith that GOD is always the center of our life…

  23. Niel Lloyd Crusis says:

    Magandang Gensan mom,

    The 12 decision makes me knows the real life.
    I am so thoughtful that i learn the 12 decision you got mom.
    I know now what to do in my every day life us a person i will be more careful.
    I will make your 12 decision us my focus to mom.

    In the 12 decision mom i think i will choose the most is the number five decision COMMITMENT. I will make my every day life us a commitment in my study,family and god.

    salamat po mom.

  24. Joed Mariano says:

    Hello Madam!
    To each of these “12 Big Decisions”,I would choose
    “HEALTH” because I believe that it is the most
    important aspect of life.We can`t do our tasks
    or the rests decisions without having the good health
    we should have.As they said,”life is difficult and it is
    full of sudden events”.So,how can we make our
    decisions well like focusing to our thinking skills,
    having fun with our families,good relationships with
    others,having the best commitments,and
    like solving our problems as well,if we don`t
    have the ability or the strengths to give them
    attentions because of what we feel inside.Actually,
    all these decisions are just equal most especially
    “faith” but then I know that God would understands
    why I have chosen “health” because He wants us to
    have the good health first upon entering the
    church or the everyday good experience of
    His creation (especially”LIFE”) because we are in
    good health.So,health.

  25. Nova Ascano says:

    Hi ma’am good day.Among those 12 big decisions, my top priority is my thinking.Because how could i decide to do the things i want for my love ones if i don’t know how to think on my own.How could i do the things that could make me more responsible if i don’t value my thinking and how could i keep my faith on GOD if i don’t think for the things he wants.Thinking also help maintaining good values in you thats why i priorities it.

  26. Hello maam!
    among this 12 big decisions, I choose FAMILY.
    because family is the one who comfort us and support us
    whatever decisions we may have ..
    They are the one who accept us, for who we are ..

    GodBless ..

  27. Hi ma’am good evening.for me,among the 12 decisions,i would choose “VALUES”because it is really important to me to have this kind of character and i will not only respect myself but also other people.thank you ma’am and GODBLESS….

  28. zwit rivera says:

    for me ma’am i choose generosity once your kind many people would value you..
    you can achieve everything you’ll feel comfortability because you have no enemy., you can live freely and happy..

  29. michelle malabarbas says:

    Hi, Ma’am. Good day! For me,among the 12 decisions,I would prefer “values” because it’s really important to have a good attitude and it reflects to really who you are.God bless us all!

  30. allan marc catalan says:

    Hello Ma’am! Buenas Diaz! Among the
    12 big decision, I choose “Faith” as my biggest decision among the 11 big decision remained. I chosen it because I believe that our savior
    Jesus Christ is our strength and He given as lives
    that no other can pay for it but if all of us “Faith” for
    Him, I think that in that way we can show to Him that
    we love Him very much and also in that way we also shown that
    we given Him thanks to the blessings and love that
    He has given to us. From the song, “Love of Jesus sweet and marvelous
    ” it’s true! That was my favorite. That’s how God loves us even though we
    can still do bad things. Faith in God our Lord so that
    we will be saved and without this “Faith” we cannot do
    those other 11 big desicions.
    Have a Good Day Ma’am! God bless you!

  31. Novie Joy L. BiƱas says:

    Have a blessed evening ma’am!!

    Among the decisions stated above, I’ve decided to put God on top and make Him the center of my life. That simply means FAITH is my greatest priority. Because I believe that, ” God without man is still God but a man without God is nothing.” Yes, we are nothing without Him. And how can we do EVERYTHING if we are NOTHING??? I believe God is the best source of STRENGTH and POWER for us to do things. He even has the power to enlighten our minds in order for us to think clearly and decide corretly. Without FAITH in Him, I don’t think we can do the rest of the things stated on the list. That’s why I put Him above everything. Nothing is impossible with God right? All we need is to have FAITH in Him because without it, nothing is possible.

    That’s all ma’am. Thank you!!! And God bless us all!!!! šŸ™‚

  32. moneca Villanueva says:

    hi ma’am…. among those 12 big decisions i should prefer ”faith”because in our daily lives it is important.and i believe that having faith is nothing is impossible
    in every trials we face

    Thanks mAam!

  33. moneca Villanueva says:

    Hi, Ma’am. Among those 12 big decisions, I prioritize ”faith” because in our daily lives it is important. I believe that with faith, nothing is impossible
    in every trial we face. Thanks Ma’am!

  34. kaycee vhee m. melloria says:

    hi ma’am! good day.
    for me among those 12 decisions, i would really focus on FAITH because if we put God first before anything else everything will just follow. just like what my classmates said, deepening our relationship with God is the path towards righteousness. . .That’s all ma’am . thank you. I really enjoy learning with you ma’am.

  35. chain andrea ortibano says:

    I choose to focus on FAITH because with it, I would be able to do the rest of the 11 tough decisions in life. Even how many times I would fail, I have the faith to stand up and struggle to search the right thing in my life. If You have good and firm faith, you wouldn’t lose upon the eyes of God.

  36. Hi, fellow learners! Thank you so much for your comments and your insights. What’s on top of our list may vary but we are still the same in our need to decide and work on those key areas. May our desire to improve daily be fulfilled through our choices. Let’s keep learning, everyone!

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