Crawling Back to Work?

The holidays passed like a whirlwind. Everything and everyone seemed to be screaming to be put on top of the list. I have to give up some hours of sleep to accommodate some urgent demands and pressing requests. It was only last night when I realized that I was not able to prepare myself to go back to my workplace. I humbly recognize that I have deliberately scrapped it from my list.

During the past two weeks, I took on roles that made me forget my responsibilities in the academe. I played my roles as wife, daughter, sister, friend to the hilt. Aside from enjoying my responsibilities of being a blogger, I also savored my assignment as director of a 4-night concert. Days prior to the Christmas Eve, I was in a haze. The rehearsal schedule was full packed, leaving me little room to do my holiday shopping. Doing the grocery for the Noche Buena was like joining a 500-meter-dash, reaching the finish line just minutes before the mall’s closing time.

December 28, 29 and 30 saw me at the concert scene. I failed to attend Mindanao State University’s “Hugpong”, the school’s Grand Reunion.  I missed seeing my high school buddies. I decided to skip the reunion because I decided to have quality time with my husband on the 30th for our 4th Wedding Anniversary.

I have to admit that it was a struggle to get out of bed and go back to work today. Thanks to the prodding of my husband and the encouragement of my mother, I was able to muster enough strength to find my way to the bathroom. The next minutes that ensued came like a blur. I found myself crawling back to school but I am glad I made the move.

The moment I was in the campus, I was so energized. There was a spring on my step and a joy in my gait. I was so fired up in the classroom although I only had four out of twenty-five students attending my first class for the year. The second class was better with 24 out of 45 students in attendance.

Today, I was reminded of the reality of my calling. I am a teacher. I am a mind-shaper. I am an influencer. I have the responsibility to rise above my circumstances and my emotions. I have to overcome physical exhaustion and shun mental degradation.

Tomorrow, I will no longer be crawling back to school because I am beautifully reminded that I do not have to rely on my strength. God is there to empower me. God is there to strengthen me.

2 thoughts on “Crawling Back to Work?

  1. ric dedicatoria says:

    hahahha umaapaw na power! MULTI-TASKING!! dyan tayo magaling friendship! with God’s grace , nagagawa natin ang lahat ng bagay sa mundo, just submit and lay down all our worries and weaknessess to Him., and God will do the rest! anyhow, what is our topic for today teacher Gege!???? mwah

  2. You’re right, dearest Ric! Cast our burdens unto the Lord talaga dapat!
    Well, our topic for today is all about beauty! Hehehe! Much love from Gensan to you!

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