All These Things

For 2011, I made a long list of plans, wishes and dreams that I want to translate in to reality. Just like you, I am eager to seize the promise of the future. This early, I can sense the awesome force that beckons us to explore the unknown. I am ready to get out of my comfort zone! I am ready to explore the unknown!

There are a lot of places I want to visit, a lot of people I want to meet, a lot of trainings I want to conduct,  a lot of dishes I want to cook, a lot of extreme adventures I want to experience, the list goes on and on…

This first week of January is allotted to refining the list and checking whether they are indeed goals or just a means to an end. I decided to narrow down the list and have them categorized. Guiding me in this process is the Goal Setting Workshop of Jim Rohn (via his audio book). I also sought the help of Stephen Covey (via his book on 8th Habit). I decided to come up with my Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) – those that I am so determined to accomplish this 2011. As emphasized by Covey, WIGs  are not just important – they are WILDLY important. Covey reminded me to be ready to overcome the so-called execution gap.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of available tools that serve as guide in translating goals into reality. The process can get overwhelming but I constantly remind myself of why I am going through it. The reasons provide me with magnets that pull me through the challenge. I do not merely want to do things. I want to be a better person in the process. I want my motivations to be properly defined so that I won’t get lost in the web of emotions once the going gets tough.

With all these things that are running in my head and those that already found their way to the list, I choose to be still today. I choose to remind myself of one key principle in the scriptures. I choose to make a commitment to put first things first.

With God, all these things that are included in my list, all these things that I desire to accomplish, all these things that I have been longing for, are possible!

So, let us all dream bigger dreams and set higher goals!

2 thoughts on “All These Things

  1. ric dedicatoria says:

    basta pagnapagod kana just close your eyes and picture a place you’re yearning to be. A place that is beautiful and comforting where everything is HOPEFUL AND ALIVE!!!! basta ako, tOday, my heart is HAPPY,my mind is FREE… I have a Father in heaven who talked with me. narining mo sabi nya? may binubulong sya sa atin friendship, yong bigger dreams and higher goals daw natin na blessed nya na. mwah

  2. I claim that as well, dearest Ric! Thanks for the timely reminder!

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