Crossing Over

The fabulous 2010 is almost over and I am in the middle of a New Year’s Eve frenzy. I decided to hit the keyboard to capture my thoughts and prayers as I prepare my mind, body and soul in crossing over to an exciting 2011. Before taking the big leap, I am looking back with gratitude for the past 12 months of living and loving.

Blessings came like a flood in 2010. Great relationships surface to the top of the list. I met a lot of new friends. I rekindled old friendships. I established new contacts and strengthened networks. Opportunities to touch lives were given way. I am so grateful to God for granting me numerous speaking engagements,  enriching team building events and exciting hosting platforms.

Speaking Engagement with GSC Junior Officials

One of my Team Building events with Dole Philippines IQF Department

Hosting Platform during Manny Pacquiao's 32nd Birthday Party

I do not have the luxury of time now to write a long post to share how blessed I am this year. Suffice it to say that being able to share to the whole world my journey is a blessing overflowing. Thank you so much for being a part of my life! You will hear more from me this coming year.

With all the blessings that we have received for 2010, let us face 2011 with hope and love. There is so much more in store for every one of us. There is so much joy we can spread to the whole world.

Have a blessed 2011, dear friends!

4 thoughts on “Crossing Over

  1. leila eldian says:

    hi, mam grace, happy new year! wishing you good health, and happiness. Take care!

  2. ric dedicatoria says:

    basta this year darating na si isabel at jose luis .. promise! keep on smiling and the whole world will keep smiling with you friendship!

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