“The Mystery of Marriage”

Today, my husband and I are celebrating our

4th Wedding Anniversary.

We overflow with gratitude as we meditate on the mystery of love.

Here are some photos from our wedding in 2006

and some striking quotes from Mike Mason’s book on marriage.

“In marriage a man is given the opportunity of seeing one woman,

one person, as he has never seen any other woman or person before.”

“Marriage not only affords a deep glimpse

into the heart and soul of another being as we shall ever have,

but it cannot survive without deliberately striving to preserve

the spontaneity and freshness of this insight.

And how we long for such freshness.”

“Marriage is, before anything else, an act of contemplation.

It is a divine pondering, an exercise in amazement.”

“A marriage is not a joining of two worlds,

but an abandoning of two worlds

in order that a new one may be formed.”

“The marriage vows give glory to God.

While it is true that a man and woman on their wedding day

take a step toward the unique fulfillment of the commandment of love,

it is even more true to say that it is a sacramental outpouring

of God’s grace enabling such love to take place.”

6 thoughts on ““The Mystery of Marriage”

  1. ormanpogi says:

    congratulations to both of you. truly nothing can ever succeed without God’s blessings. stay in love with each other!

    • ric dedicatoria says:

      my cherish joana and dearish pao, sa upat ka tuig nga kamo nagkauban og nagminahalay, kauban sa inyong mga pinalangga nga banay, pamilya. igsoon, og mga higala! kamo sulundan sa pakig-ingnan og pagkigdait sa uban; ang inyong gugma magaiwag og mamahimong gahom aron bantugon ang kalisod og kasamok sa kinabuhi. kamo ang duha kabinuhat nga maoy sulbanan sa uban nga nangandoy usab sa pagbaton og pagpoyo sa kalinaw og dakong gugma sa Ginoo! ako nakapanghinaot og naga-ampo sa kanunay nga ang inyong gugmang way sukob magapadayon hangtod sa kahangturan! dako kaayo akung kalipay nga sa higayon nagakalig-on og nagakatam-is ang inyong gugma nga ginasaw-an sa kanunay! hehehhehe mao kini ang mga balak sa mga kagahapon ..karon og sa mga umaabot! malipayong ika-upat katuig nga paghigugmaay kaninyong duha! mwahhhhhhhh.

  2. mosler paul lapore says:

    Happy Anniversary, My Love!

    I will always cherish every moment na magkasama tayong dalawa. You are giving me the best times of my life.

    Full of joy, kisses and love!

    I love you!

  3. sheila diendo-pecaoco says:

    I’m so happy for you and Paul, my dear, and am so glad you treasure every moment you share as a couple. Stay in love!

  4. Liezl says:

    Sweet…God bless your marriage.

  5. Leizl Jane Anas says:

    Love knows no limit to its endurance, no end to its trust, no fading of its hope; it can outlast anything. Love still stands when all else has fallen. Love love love

    The greatest joy in life is falling in love :))

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