Hon. Manny Pacquiao Celebrates 32nd Birthday

One of the most anticipated events in the Philippines

is the birthday celebration of the World’s Greatest Boxer .

On December 17,  Hon. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao

and his wife Jinkee Pacquiao feted almost 2,000 guests

to great food, great entertainment and great prizes

at the KCC Events and Convention Center in General Santos City.

A week prior to the event, I was informed by Lee Ann Omega and Paulo Sunglao

that I will be one of the hosts. Having done my research,

I was ready to work with Bayani Agbayani.

An hour before the celebration started, a pleasant surprise came:

Long Mejia will be hosting with us.

Minutes before show time, I was bugged with questions.

How would it be like to host an event with male comedians?

How would it be like to share the stage with two hosts who are known for lopsided humor?

Before the show started, I was given the privilege to lead the men,

including the Pacman, the birthday celebrator and Joey C., the floor director, in prayer.

We sought God's help to guide us through the celebration.

While in the presence of Hon. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and the two popular comedians,

I was reminded of how beautifully God opens doors of opportunities

and provides rooms for growth.

Indeed, His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts!

I realized how liberating it is to just be who I am - safe and secure in my true identity in the Lord. That way, there's no room for intimidation. Such freedom to celebrate life!

Laarni Lozada, the Grand Champion of 2008 Pinoy Dream Academy,

was among the first set of performers who came early to the back stage.

Laarni has a way of winning people with her genuine character.

With sheer humility and kindness, she connected with us.

She is from Sultan Kudarat and she speaks Ilonggo.

She sang “Our Father” with intensity.

Eric Santos, the Grand Champion of  2003 Star in a Million, rendered several songs.

He wowed the crowd with his signature song: This is the Moment.

Lee Ann and I seized the moment with Eric at the back stage

Side A Band sang Foolish Heart, Africa, Got to Believe in Magic and OPM Medley.

They capped their performance with Forevermore.

Wala pa ring kakupas-kupas ang Side A Band!

Side A Band will always be a favorite!

One of the highlights of the evening was the Vintage Motorcycle Showcase.

The crowd was excited to see the Vintage Gift

The scooter that was unveiled is a Lambretta 150cc , 1962 model

which is a hard to find collector’s item.

This work of art immortalizes both the Lambretta and the Pacman

Being a classic item, it has inspired the owner, Dr. Warren A. Manilay

to make it a canvass depicting the boxing history and life of Manny Pacquiao.

The charcoal sketches of Mr. Elmer Reyes, the artist, were top coated.

The charcoal sketches, which took about a year to complete, were top coated.

A lot of things happened at the back stage during dinner and in between performances.

We took the opportunity to mingle with the guests and ask them about their stay in Gensan.

One of those I met was Sami Eldebs, an American/Filipino/Syrian singer-songwriter

currently from New York/ New Jersey area.

He is the son of Consul General of Syria Issam El Debs.

He performed an original composition for Pacman during the party.

Cesar Montano came to the party with his lovely wife Sunshine Cruz.

Lee Ann and I were delighted to see him back stage!

Special thanks to my Couturier GARVY TERRADO of Flounce and Fringes/Virochic UAE

As the evening unfolded, I found myself having fun with Bayani and Long

without necessarily affirming their colored jokes.

One lesson I learned that night: by God’s grace, anybody can stand the test of character.

Aside from loads of grocery packs, boxes of appliances,

three Flat Screen TV and two motorcycles,

more surprises were given to the guests through the raffle draw.

Before the performance of GMA 7 Stars (Maureen Larazabal, Pekto and Glaiza de Castro),

the Kapuso Network raffled off P50,000 cash as a start up capital for the chosen guest.

Right after the Pacman delivered his birthday message,

he gave away the two major prizes.

Carolyn Namoc of Polomolok, South Cotabato won the Toyota Vios.

To highlight his gratitude to his guests, he gave away One Million Pesos through a raffle draw.

The guests suggested to Pacman that the cash prize be divided into two.

But Pacman was determined to make someone a millionaire that evening.

Elmer Alaiden, Purok Chairman of Domolok Village in Alabel, Sarangani Province,

went home a millionaire after receiving One Million Pesos in cold cash,

courtesy of the Pacman and Gov. Chavit Singson.

The new millionaire must be very happy and I rejoice with him!

And what happened to the surprise song number of Mommy Dionisia?

Though disappointed, Mommy D still managed to smile for the cameras

She confided that her CD got lost and no instant replacement could be made.

Despite the setback, she still managed to get as much attention

with her dazzling diamonds and outfits plus radiant smile.

During his birthday speech, Pacman highlighted his gratitude to God

for giving him a mother like Mommy Dionisia.

How the Pacman honors his mother is a reminder for us to honor our mothers all the more.

With my Mama Nanie after the show. Thanks, Long Mejia, for the fun experience!

With Bayani and his wife Lenlen. After the party, I realized how well my Mama Nanie has trained me in relating with people...

The party ended way past midnight but the memories will last a lifetime.

The World’s Greatest Boxer has inspired me to dream big dreams.

His life is a proof that ordinary people can be great by God’s grace.

Happy Birthday, Sir Manny!


Note: I stumbled upon this video on You Tube

and I realized the need to trim down.

I also have to get a singing coach so I can be more prepared to sing in public.

6 thoughts on “Hon. Manny Pacquiao Celebrates 32nd Birthday

  1. What a fantastic hosting opportunity, Gi! PacMan will be remembered not just for being a great — if not the greatest — boxer, but also as a very generous human being. Okay…so how do I get invited to his next birthday? Just kidding 😉

  2. darling says:

    what’s good with manny is that he never fails to thank God…and i salute him for that..congratz maám jo!

  3. jinky says:

    watching you last Friday evening made me prouder being a general! congrats for a job well done, General Joana!

  4. sheng says:

    Proud to be your friend too Miss Joana!

  5. bariles says:

    You’re definitely the best emcee/host/master of ceremonies that GenSan has ever produced!

    And to add to that — soon to be one of 2011’s Most Influential Bloggers!

    Go Joana go!

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