To The Girl We Desire To Call Our Own

Dearest Duday,

It dawned on me that you were just one year old when your Daddy Pau and I were married.

When my brother, your Ninong Jojo, first brought you home,

I never thought that our lives would be intricately woven.

Your regular visits made me see you differently.

I became amused of your baby antics.

I was drawn to your chubby cheeks.

You are a charming baby.

While weaving memories with you,

your Daddy Pau and I were drawn closer to you.

We have come to the point of desiring to call you our very own.

We are planning to adopt you but we recognize it is not going to be easy.

Yesterday, you celebrated your 5th birthday away from us.

We would have wanted to give you a celebration fit for a princess.

But we have to accept the fact that we are not your biological parents.

Your Daddy Pau and I will wait until we can hug you and play with you again.

The You Tube videos on rhymes and phonics are waiting for you.

I have lined up enriching games and experiments

to cultivate your creativity and stir up your curiosity.

We will have more trips to Bibliarch and National Bookstore.

I will encourage you to keep reading so that one day you will get to read this post.

One day, you will find out that I told the whole world how much I love you.

I am excited to see you read these words out loud.

I would still cry each time we say goodbye.

But I will keep thanking God for giving us the opportunity to love a sweet girl like you.

You may not yet bear your Daddy Pau’s family name but you are already a daughter to me.

Anak, hindi ka man nabuo sa aking sinapupunan,

nabuo ka naman sa aking puso’t isipan.

I am asking God for more opportunities to weave delightful memories with you.

So hopeful,

Your Mommy Gie


P.S. I am glad that you were born at a time when technology is readily available.

This is one video that will remind me of how much joy you bring to us!

7 thoughts on “To The Girl We Desire To Call Our Own

  1. Mosler Paul Lapore says:

    Happy Birthday Baby Sugar ni Daddy Pau.

    I’m so touched by the way you wrote this for our Duday,
    I’m sure one day she will read this post.

    Anak, your Mommy Gie and I love you so much!

  2. Piao, seeing how you show your love and care to our Duday, I am convinced that you will be a very good father to our Isabel and Jose Luis. One day, they will come and their Ate Duday will be a loving big sister to them.

  3. I was teary-eyed reading this Mom.
    Truly, Duday is such a very lovely girl that anyone would desire to have her.
    My heart is grateful to know her.
    I don’t have a younger sister but I feel like I had when I met Duday.
    Even if it was just one night of being with her, it was as if 4 years (since she was still 4 years old that night) of having a little sister to share those funny childish things we did.
    To you Duday:
    I pray that God would preserve and guide you as you grow up. You are a blessing to every life you touch. You are one of those kids I look forward to be with. Continue to give joy to the world. I miss and love you.

    Ate Marilou (:

  4. vanvan says:

    u made me cry again, ate J! Duday is blessed to have you and knowing how much happiness she gives u both, you are blessed to have her too. one day, in God’s perfect time, i know you and Paul will become very good and loving parents to your own children.

  5. Ria Jose says:

    Hi Ms Joana!

    Would like to let you know I didn’t grow up with my biological parents and this entry made me cry. I’m sure your little Duday is very lucky to have you.

    Well wishes! 🙂

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