Happy 40th, Cowboy!

Today, one of the most creative guys I know is celebrating his 40th!

It is way past midnight but I can not afford to let this moment pass.

I just have to capture these raw and random thoughts

that have been hovering my mind the past days

so I can tell the world how blessed I am to know a person like him.

He stands out in the crowd.

Not only because of his height but because of his character.

He is someone you cannot contain in a box.

When it comes to ideas and concepts, he is unpredictable.

His creativity defines him.

He is a well-rounded artist and a world-class mentor.

At 40, he still has so much to give,

so much to offer, so much to accomplish.

His cup overflows with goodness and love.

He may never know to what extent his influence has made a difference

but he has to realize that the lives of the people around him are changed.

One of the bouquets he made for my wedding.

I, for one, have been touched by his life and his sacrifice,

by his kindness and by his thoughtfulness.

Aside from associating him with ballet and contemporary dance,

with Maya Binukutan and Teatro Ambahanon,

with books and films,

with lost keys and countless uhhhms,

I will effortlessly connect him with

Avocado Shake and  Aratiles,

Awing Balbacua and  Bola-Bola,

Gerbera and Eucalyptus.

His humility and pride are in a push and pull dialectics.

His quirks and flaws make him human, and adorable.

Some people may not like him.

Some people may not honor him.

But he keeps on doing what he does best.

In the midst of all he has accomplished,

he remains dedicated to learning some more.

His thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.

His drive for excellence is unstoppable.

I have made a commitment to keep upholding him in prayers.

I pray that he will be able to accomplish His God-given mission in his lifetime.

This one is for you,

Leonardo Rey Salazar Cariño!

Happy 40th Birthday, Dakilang Cowboy!

Continue to make your mom and dad proud.


6 thoughts on “Happy 40th, Cowboy!

  1. bingcarino says:

    They say “you lost your humility the time you become aware that you are”. I guess that goes also with: you become humble when you acknowledge that you are proud.


    But if God made us to weather the storms
    He made the winters
    for us to seek warmth
    the smorldering summers for us
    to get comfortable in the
    embrace of cold breeze.

    The weeping willow is
    beautiful because it droops
    in humility
    The bamboo is
    steadfast, it shoots so
    proudly to the heavens.
    The rocks are strong
    but always firmly grounded.

    The clouds dissipates in the weakest breeze
    but it hovers above oblivious
    its fragility safe
    in the absence of
    things that harm it

    In moments of mortal acclaim
    we should find comfort in the
    combined solace and apathy
    of friends and enemies

    In moments of defeat
    we bask in the klieglights
    that illuminate our limited capacity

    Being great makes us heavy
    we never soar
    we are become footholds in slippery grounds

    Being listless makes us
    soar light and free

    Bing Carino, 40
    December 11, 2010

  2. “happy birthday Sir! I love you..totoo..salamat sa lahat..basta..who am I and what I have now is because you have opened the horizon to discover me..hehe..salamat talaga sir..”
    – That is exactly my message to Sir bing while we are chatting in FB..

    echozera ka na, is that what i have made you into?”
    – His reply…

    Well, the truth is..He is one of those men I have known with a very humble heart.. It’s cool to know that you don’t know you’re cool..and that’s what Sir Bing is..
    From my heart, THANK YOU Sir! We love you. God bless you more!

  3. Jayr Llaguno says:

    Sir Bing is really a hard-working person and very creative. That’s why I idolize him. Happy Birthday Sir! Love you:)

  4. matchlessmia says:

    Dearest sir Bing,

    Happyx40 na happy bithday.. I LOVE YOU Sir. I know GOD will BLESS you more because you’re a good person.Just take good care always of yourself.AAhuuuummmmm… Hehehe.Muah! Muah! Muah! ^_^

  5. Reggie Mae:) says:

    Happy happy 40th Birthday sa Dakilang Cowboy, Sir Bing! I love you so much. Thanks a lot for everything…you’re one of those important people who taught me so many things especially on how to gradually go out of my shell. Thank you for inspiring us! I can never find another peculiar person like you…God bless you more and more! ^_^

  6. Sharon says:

    Talagang ma-aassociate mo si sir Bing sa maraming bagay! He’s very – different. Well para sa mga taong naturuan at nasanay niya, talagang iba siya. We love sir Bing!

    Thanks General Joana for that wonderful article. God bless you!

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