“Ani Mi sa GenSan, Anime ang Paskuhan”

The Pasko sa GenSan 2010 theme is officially out:

“Ani Mi sa GenSan, Anime ang Paskuhan”.

In support of the celebration,

I changed my Facebook Profile Pic to an Anime character.

I will also make sure that I will be at the Oval Plaza

on December 6, 2010 for the Grand Opening Salvo.

I look forward to having gigabytes of pictures taken with my nieces

at the site where cool Anime characters are painted on canvass by talented students.

I will go around the site to find out for myself whose Pavilions will stand out.

I feel like I am 7 years old again, ready to relish every part of Christmas.

Program Director Egai Cadiente is right, “The “General” is also a child.”

Magandang GenSan at Maligayang Pasko!

8 thoughts on ““Ani Mi sa GenSan, Anime ang Paskuhan”

  1. shad ehm wu zi :
    …,,hai po,,… c shad po ito.,mary amor marquez po real name q,,..ganda talaga ng mga messages kahapon..,mka inspire..,kya lang hindi namin masyadong narinig ang ibang messages,,.nasa likod po kac kmi nka upo..,hehe.,thanks for being part of our recollection..,ganda din nung mga messages ni Lord..,!
    see you next time po..,!
    Godbless you always!!!
    -Mary Amor Marquez
    NSNHS 4th year student
    December 3,2010-friday

  2. lenlen says:

    I’m one excited general, as well, ate jo. It also brings out the child in me…even the murals around the flea market, are keeping me glued there…Everytime I pass by the Oval Plaza, I just find myself smiling.

  3. nice A says:

    Yehey, another place to enjoy by my kids on their vacation in Magandang Gensan this Christmas season! Hope to see you there, Tita Jo…

  4. chic escal says:

    i saw students nga sa Oval plaza the other day…i’ll bring my kids there..im sure mag-eenjoy sila!!

  5. See you soon, Ma’am Eunice! Excited to see you and your kids in Magandang Gensan!

  6. Ronald Eron says:

    waaaaaaaaa … super astig!!! hahaha

    it was already midnight nung makita ko to sa oval plaza.. haha parang bumalik lang ako sa pagkabata nung makita ko yung mga anime drawings haha super cool ng theme ng pasko sa gensan XD

  7. chikoi says:

    i do believe Gensan holds lots of potential on animation pero my goodness?!
    What happened to the stage design?!
    You call artist ang gumawa non?
    i can name generals who could have done that done better for free?!
    GENSAN should make use of its productive artist!

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