General Joana Meets the Rainbow Warrior

Rainbow Warrior challenged General Joana to be a Greenpeace Cyberactivist

I was like a kindergarten student who was so eager to go on a field trip. Together with the SOX Bloggers, Paul and I went to the Makar Wharf one Sunday morning to meet Rainbow Warrior, the Greenpeace flagship.

With the SOX Bloggers

Early on, I made a choice to set aside lofty expectations about the trip and the ship. When we arrived, there were other eager “trippers” lining up for their turn. The SOX Bloggers were ushered by Leah Guerrero, Greenpeace Communication officer, to the ship’s upper deck. I just allowed the curiosity in me to savor every information that was dished out to us by the accommodating crew.

My eagerness showed. I was like a 7-year old Girl Scout trapped in a 38-year old body.

Aboard the Rainbow Warrior, interesting stories were told.

Little did I know that the General in me would be awakened by the Warrior as I listen to her stories of courage and determination. The Rainbow Warrior reminded me that we can do something about our environment.

With my inspiration and mentor in blogging, Sir Avel Manansala of Bariles Republic

The Rainbow Warrior sails around Southeast Asia to “urge governments to take immediate and decisive action to combat climate change.” I could not ignore the call “to help make positive change happen.”  (Find out more at

There are a lot  of practical things that we can do.

We can research on necessary, beneficial and practicable steps that we can implement.

We can start at home.

We can influence others.

If we come together in unity, we can surely turn the tide!

We can turn the tide!

I made a commitment to do my part in saving our planet. How about you?

Photos courtesy of Mosler Paul Lapore.

Thank you, my Piao, for capturing the moments!

7 thoughts on “General Joana Meets the Rainbow Warrior

  1. liezl says:

    hi ma’am…nice post here. para nga tayong nag-field trip last sunday, hehe…lingaw!
    God bless po.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Liezl! It was fun being with you last Sunday. Your Cache is blessed to have a mother like you who is cool and eager to explore as well! God bless you, too!

  3. Kiko Kalabud says:

    You are so lucky, Ma’am, to attend this kind of event! I’m really excited about how blogging can lead me to different places!

  4. rhona says:

    Weeeeewww. Grabe, this story inspires me over and over again.. hehe. I remember the first time that you told this story to us, grabe I can’t forget how you demonstated the Q.A. portion. It was very funny though. Anyways, you looked so great among the gurls.. sa way pabor2x. Luv u Ma’am Jo.

  5. Ronald Eron says:

    Nice to meet you there maam 🙂

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