Grieving, Praying and Hoping


With my Liberal Arts Family

In commemoration of the 1st Anniversary of the Maguindanao Massacre, my students and I decided to get out of the comforts of our classroom and the confines of our campus to join the Young Blood Media and the other generals for a simple candle-lighting ceremony at the Carlos P. Garcia Park, right at the heart of General Santos City.


With GSC Junior Officials. We have to remain vigilant. We owe it to their generation.

Interview with UNTV before the candle lighting ceremony.

We will never forget the senseless killing of 58 men and women, most of whom we have rubbed elbows with during Press Conferences, as well as corporate and city-wide events. For one, I vividly remember Bong Reblando who dropped by my office at RMMC weeks prior to the gruesome massacre. He asked for help with regards to the release of his academic documents which he needed for his promotion. I never thought it would be the last time I would see him alive.

I personally know Kuya Bong and his wife, Ate Bebot. They were our neighbors in Balimbing Street while I was still in elementary. When I came across an article about their love story, thanks to Sir Gilbert Tan who shared it on FB,  I decided to share it on my wall  in order for others to know their story. I decided to print the article written by Menchu Aquino Sarmiento for the Sunday Inquirer Magazine and share it to my 50 students in English 1 (Study and Thinking Skills) as well as to the Mass Communication, English and Psychology students in the Liberal Arts Department.

Theirs is a love that will continue to touch the souls of many. Read their moving love story at


We read. We remember.

College students with Pericles of the Young Blood Media, the GSC Junior Officials

A year has already passed after the brutal killing of journalists and we continue to wait for the case to be resolved and the perpetrators be jailed.

We will never forget.

We continue to grieve.

We continue to pray.

We continue to hope that justice will prevail.

"Lord, please bring healing to our land. Amen."

(All photographs in this post are courtesy of Mosler Paul Lapore)

6 thoughts on “Grieving, Praying and Hoping

  1. Mark Cornell says:

    I have watched the news videos related to the gruesome Maguindanao massacre a while ago, and the senseless killing still breaks my heart as a student Journalist, as a Filipino, and as a human. All of us still seek justice for the victims of the said killing, especially the families of the fatalitites. A lot criticize the slow process of the so-called “prevailing of justice” and I am one of those people. As far as I know, the protectors of the culprits are still around, making the case slow.But according to the authorities, the case is getting closer to the answer we’ve all been waiting for, JUSTICE. And I believe, that the hazy figure of justice, shrouded by anomalies, will become clear sooner. Also, related to this, I also read the story of Mr. Bong Reblando and his wife, Mrs. Bebot Reblando. And it was really a moving story. Both of them are gifts to each other. It made the gravity pull the stored liquid in my eyes. For real, I was teary-eyed when I finished reading their story.

    • Mark Cornell, I am glad that young leaders like you are vocal about issues like this. I hope that in your generation, there will be no more senseless killings such as what happened in the Maguindanao Massacre. Let us keep reminding each other of our social responsibility to help bring healing to our land.

  2. Mosler Paul Lapore says:

    In commemoration of the Maguindanao Massacre. I remember this gruesome killing of a politician’s family, media men & civilians.

    I call for JUSTICE in behalf of the families left behind. Regardless of what happen, I believe there’s still HOPE for all of us, let’s be responsible with what we do and remind ourselves that God is in CONTROL of everything.

    May God’s PEACE & COMFORT be upon us all.

  3. June Q. Villaluna III says:

    Only GOD has all the answers…Our Faith and Belief will bring healing upon ourselves when we surrender everything to the HIM…

    His Love will bring Peace to every believer!

    In Heaven Justice, Peace and Love is Free…surely all the victims of masacre are taken cared of by the Father in Heaven.

    God bless

  4. glicen lou says:

    I do hope everything would be okay and there would be justice to all the victims.What happened gives me courage and inspiration to pursue my chosen course,the MASS COMMUNICATION..I want to be in SERVICE and a good MASS COMMUNICATOR.NO DOUBT!NO FEAR!GOD WILL ALWAYS BE THE CONQUEROR!Thanks Maam JO.

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