A Decade of Training Student Leaders

Batch 2008

This post is in celebration of my 10th year of training the student leaders of the different public and private high schools of General Santos City. I consider it a privilege to partner with the City Mayor’s Office through the Project SHEEP Education in bringing the annual Leadership Training for Secondary Student Government Officers.

Leaders of the Emerging Generation

It was in 2001 when I first spoke to a throng of young SSG leaders who squeezed into a makeshift training center  of a commercial beach.  Despite the humidity and a host of other distractions, I enjoyed my time with the emerging leaders. I did not allow the heat to stop me from rousing their  passion and stirring their commitment to growth. I was so fired up!

Batch 2009

Little did I know that God will make a way for me to be a consistent partner of the city’s annual training.  Each year, the experience is different. The dynamics of the batch composition vary from year to year. I will never forget that time when we spent a night laughing extremely loud when we discovered the humorous talent of a student  from General Santos City High School. We fondly called her Inday Kengkay. She eventually rose to fame and became known to everyone – Melissa “Melai” Canteveros!  Years prior to her Pinoy Big Brother break,  she already had a way of catching the public’s attention. Even then, she already manifested her influence.

The City Mayor's Office provides the platform for young leaders to shine

The group dynamics change every year but there are certain leadership principles that I constantly emphasize to the young breed of influencers. I echo the words of John Maxwell and tell them that leadership is about influence, not position. As I teach, I also learn.

The Price Tag of Leadership: Self-Discipline

This year, I shared the key principles based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. My goal was to facilitate a paradigm shift among the teens who gathered at the  Water Gran Resort, Bawing, General Santos City. I challenged the students to be proactive, to begin with the end in mind, to put things first, to think win-win, to seek first to understand then to be understood, to synergize and to sharpen the saw.

Batch 2010

With the very active and supportive SSG Advisers

I am grateful that the City Councilor Margareth Rose N. Santos, Chairman of Committee on Education,  has continued the legacy of  Hon. Lourdes Casabuena who started the program in 2001. The unwavering support of the Division Office of the Department of Education, through Ma’am Letecia Cabang, Ma’am  Domingo and Ma’am Tobis, is so inspiring.

With Ma'am Tobis of DepEd

I am taking it upon myself to continue growing so that I will remain relevant in the 21st Century and continue to influence the youth. God willing, I will continue to training the youth even 3o years from now.

"I will know this world but once. If there's any love that I can give, let me give it now. Oh Lord please show me how for I'll never know this world, I'll never see this day, I'll never pass this way again."

9 thoughts on “A Decade of Training Student Leaders

  1. mG says:

    wow..galing nyo po talaga..
    really, up to now i still can remember the things that you imparted to us maam…
    i am from batch 2008..
    actually from Irineo High School, the one who invited you to speak with the same topic 🙂
    the 7 habits of hghly effective teens in our School-based leadership training.
    you are such a superlative speaker maam. so glad hear that i have once met you and hear wisdom and knowledge from your gifted mouth, mind and heart..
    keep challenging the youth maam cause definitely you have challenged me..:)
    challenged e to push myself to the limit for good….

    congrats maam…

    P.S. still cant forget the DOLE Beauty pageant story and that Tragic Love story.
    if time will allow, and im gonna be a writer
    i will be certain that your life will be a very wonderful piece to make..:)
    Take care and send also my regards to Sir paul the official photographer of our batch in watergran???hehehehehehe

  2. I was once a part of the audience that only listens and participates to the events that were happening during those days. I did missed it a lot… I wish I could go back of being a 4th year high student but I guess reminiscing it is the best way for me not to miss it so much and not to forget it but instead, make it a part of my memory. 🙂

  3. jobelyn cadungog says:

    ….’wow’…I wish that someday,I will be like you Ma’am.Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us and inspiring us!!!!!

  4. mommy sheila says:

    That’s amazing! You are using your God-given talent to the max! Continue to speak to people to make a difference, my dear!

  5. glicen lou monton says:

    Two thumbs up,Maam!You’re so blessed!I know you deserve everything.You are so good and a model for greatness.You are one of my inspiration in using my talent for Him!GOD-

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