Times of Refreshing at Lemlunay Dive Resort

About a year ago, I won a prize from the the blogoversary contest of  www.gensantos.com: an overnight stay for two at Lemlunay. Lemlunay Dive Resort in Tinoto, Maasim, Sarangani Province is the Home of South Point Divers.

My crazy schedule and multifarious commitments stopped me from availing the prize. During a session with SOX bloggers at Little Dubai, I was prodded by Sir Avel Manansala that it is high time to claim the prize.

I won! I won!

When the opportune time came, I seized the moment. I coordinated with the beautiful and vibrant Michelle Solon who made sure that her staff in GO Sarangani Travel and Tours will provide the much needed assistance. Since friends from DBC were coming with us to Lemlunay for a treat and a staff meeting, Geraldine Oville and Carla Geane Fernando facilitated the group’s reservation. Michelle’s staff were very accommodating, providing us with all the necessary information.

Lemlunay, for the B’laan and T’Boli, refers to “the good place one goes to in the afterlife”

Paul and I decided to bring with us our little girl, Duday, since kids below 12 years old are free. Together with Auntie Susan in the first trip, we looked forward to times of refreshing in the much-talked about destination.  It was about 5:00pm when we arrived at Lemlunay. To my delight, Sir Avel Manansala was there with Marz Fernandez Bendol and Sir Marthin Millado!

Sunset at Lemlunay

The efficient staff welcomed us and directed us to our rooms. Immediately after settling our bags, we went around the area.  Sunset at Lemlunay was a treat!

Duday with the Blue Turtle that holds the key to Ocean View Room #16

Just a few minutes after, Ninang Pastora Edna Garces and Ninong Dr. Felix Garces arrived. They decided to celebrate a memorable anniversary there. After dinner, we had another treat,  a romantic moonlight!

Romantic Moonlight at Lemlunay

My Piao and I gave in to Duday’s persistent request to try Lemlunay’s Infinity Pool by night. The experience did not disappoint our little girl. She was delighted!

The team from DBC arrived before midnight. We had our brainstorming session until 2:30 am. With only a few hours of sleep, Piao and I decided to wake up and get going at 5:30 am to catch the magnificent sunrise. Our little girl tagged along, excited to have another round of pool experience.

"Times of Refreshing, here in Your Presence. There's no greater blessing than being with You. My soul is restored, my mind is renewed. There's no greater joy, Lord, than being with You."

"Thank You, Lord. I just want to thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord!"


Duday by the Infinity Pool

We explored the area and took advantage of the great view. What is a trip to a new place without loads of photographs to document the experience?

Duday and I at Lemlunay

Lemlunay is a refreshing place despite the humidity. It is a great place to savor gastronomic treats.

Special Burger that will make you crave for more! Delicioso!

Breakfast at Lemlunay

By the Pool Side Rooms with Auntie Susan, Ate Judith, Honey and Duday

Duday loves Honey! Honey loves Duday!

Thank you, Sir Bing Cariño, for the conical hat (Non La) from Vietnam!

Auntie Susan: Vietnamese?

This Lemlunay experience helped my husband and I realize the value of mini-vacations and fresh perspectives. While there, we were so fired up in planning our next escapades. We decided to be intentional in exploring new destinations. We wanted to be more aggressive in launching new adventures. We will stretch ourselves some more!

I will never be the same again!

Lemlunay is also where fresh insights were discussed and the theme for DBC’s 48th Anniversary was conceptualized. The theme, thanks to the wisdom from God, was put together through the brilliance of Honey Arreglado and key people in the DBC leadership. I have realized that the theme is not just applicable for the anniversary celebration but is so appropriate for my personal declaration.

Yes, it was in Lemlunay when I first took hold of the lines: Leaping Forward, Leading Change.  The Lemlunay treat was availed at the appointed time by the Lord. He engineered the circumstances and has beautifully woven the details. The days that ensued after the overnight experience were simply amazing! Now, I am convinced that times of refreshing can do a lot of wonders!

We are definitely coming back!

40 thoughts on “Times of Refreshing at Lemlunay Dive Resort

  1. Reggie Mae:) says:

    I love the infinity pool!!!!! I wish I can go to this place. 😦
    I’ve heard a lot of appreciations about this place but I’ve never been here ever since. Naalala ko tuloy yung trip natin sa Eden Park. (May Zipline ba dito?) 🙂

    I agree Mom Jo that “times of refreshing can do a lot of wonders.”
    Therefore, I demand for a Trip to Lemlunay with the rest of the Seniors. hahahahahaha! Peace! 🙂

  2. Mosler Paul says:

    “Times of Refreshing” indeed…
    Its one year in the making…

    I really enjoyed our time at Lemlunay.

    Lemlunay, Lemlunay, Lemlunay, Lemlunay, Lemlunay!

    Ulitin natin!

  3. BJ Rutas says:

    oh…Its so beautiful place.I wish i could go to this wonderful resort.

  4. Nove Omas-as says:

    It’s very a nice place Maam Jo. I hope, someday I can go to this place. 😉

  5. jobelyn says:

    Oh…Its so amazing!!..I love it….I like the view of Lemlunay especially the swimming pool.I wish I can go there some other time or day and experience what ma’am Joana felt!

  6. niel crusis says:


    i wish that i can go in lemlunay .

  7. stephanie:) says:

    Hi teacher, it was so beautiful!! I want to go there too… What a place! Wheeew:) Take Care
    teacher Joana.

  8. lovelyvinz says:

    wow!!as what I have read,Lemlunay is such a cool place!
    I love travels,vacation,adventure and fun.
    I hope I could go to that place someday.
    It was so beautiful!!I love the pictures too.
    and the picture of the infinity pool,It’s like in Panglao.

    I’ll tell my dad that we must go there some other time.
    If God would pour on us MORE MORE BLESSINGS..I’ll come to you mom Jo to know how to go there..I love it!!super!!:)
    I miss our vacation.

  9. jayson says:

    What a wonderful place!
    God is so great to made this kind of place…
    I hope someday i can go there and take pictures!!!

  10. jayson says:

    What a woderful place!!God is so great to made this nature its so nice to visit there!!!
    I hope that i can go there and take some pictures….

  11. donna olan-olan says:

    It deserves a big “wow”!!
    when I saw the pictures, I can totally say that staying in Lemlunay
    could probably forget some problems..
    Because of its wonderful views…
    I wish I could go there in the future..probably..

    Thanks ma’am for the wonderful pictures..

  12. valerie Pailden says:

    soo gorgeous!:) nice pictures maam! inspiration indeed!

  13. Thanks for dropping by, dear readers! Include Lemlunay in your must-see places in the SOCSARGEN area. Start visualizing yourself enjoying the infinity pool and the wonderful spots in that refreshing place. Remember, if you desire it, you can have it!

  14. Divine Galupar says:

    It seems that Sarangani have a talent to develop our nature to a tourist spot here in Mindanao.
    Lemlunay is beautiful place to go.
    I want to go there cause of what I see its a beautiful place.

  15. Joed Mariano says:

    Wow, Very Beautiful place! How i wish to go in here and have some fun,enjoying the beauty it has,swimming all the time.All i can say is that,it is really a “paradise” as what Ma`am Lapore told us in the class.Its only mean to say that Philippines,specifically Mindanao has really its pride to discovered,seen and to lived.Magandang Gensan!

  16. ARNOLD says:

    I like the place Ma’am especially the Infinity Pool.

  17. patrick villas says:

    wow,,its so very refreshing place and blow all your problems in LEMLUNAY..i hope one day i can visit that place…love it…

  18. Sheliene Joy P. Canda says:

    AMAZING ! beautiful place ! I want to go there! It seems that Sarangani have a talent to develop our nature to a tourist spot here in Mindanao.

  19. Jessie jane Z.Nosotros says:

    Wow, what a beautiful place! It can mesmerize me Ma’am because of the wonderful views.I hope I can go there!What a nice experience Ma’am.God bless!

  20. DiarrelFerrer says:

    Wowwww!!!!How I wish I could go there!!I really love nature!!!!
    God is really good!!!How I wish I could go some place like LEMLUNAY !!!!
    It’s so fascinating how God created our world!!!!!We are so grateful ’cause we’re given these wonderful world’we should take good care of it!!!!Hmmmm…I got misty eyed every time I look how beautiful our world was and yet people are destroying this…it’s so scary that maybe one day our world was totally ruined….heaven forbid!!!

  21. Novie Joy l. Biñas says:

    Hello Ma’am Joana! WOW!!! Lemlunay Dive Resort is such a paradise and such a great place to unwind.
    This is the first time I hear and see this place.
    And though I have only seen the pictures and not the real thing, I am still mesmerized by its beauty.
    How I wish one of these days , I could be able to visit it.
    I want to be one of the lucky people to experience the kind of life and savour every moment of being there even just for a day.
    And I can’t wait for that moment to come!

    By the way, thank you Ma’am for giving us the opportunity to take a peek with this very wonderful place. Oh, how excited I am to be there someday and be refreshed and renewed!

    God Bless Us!!! 🙂

    I am so excited to be refreshed an

  22. darneL says:

    wooowww! what a wonderful place! I will tell my Kuya to go there to have a vacation this summer,exciting!

  23. allan marc says:

    Hi Maam!!.WOW!! It is really a beautiful place, its just like a paradise. It really means that Philippines is rich of beautiful places and paradise. Lemnulay is so great, it is obvious how the people of Sarangani care and preserve it. Thanks God for the beautiful place He had given us! Maybe someday, Lemnulay will become or listed in the tourist spots here in Mindanao. I hope that me and my family can go there to see and feel the excitement. Thanks for giving us opportunity Ma’am to see the beautiful place of Lemnulay. God bless Ma’am!!.mwuaHh!

  24. RICKY A. MOSQUERA, JR. says:

    Aside from the fact that I am proud that I am a Sarangan, I LIKE THE PLACE SO MUCH!

  25. rincy says:

    How wonderful created by “GOD”!!!
    Lemlunay is very beautiful place. I wish i can go there someday!!!!!!!!

  26. Hmmpz…
    Nice picture w/ your lovable daughter and husband(^,^)
    and WOW! I’ve never tried to swim in an infinity pool before. The place looks great!
    I wish that I could go there..and also to refresh my mind..;]]

  27. princess manato says:

    what a beautiful place! very relaxing place . i hope I can go there someday..

  28. Good afternoon maam.A wonderful place it is.It is a refreshing way to enjoy and relax.The place and the view is awesome.The place just remind me that we should really preserve what had God created for us.Thank you maam for sharing this pictures to us.God bless po maam.

  29. lyod says:

    woooOw!! what a beautiful place, i’m so proud on the sarangans, I wish I could go there someday.. hahaha, thanks ma’am for giving us information on that place, now I know how GOD can do.

  30. Wow!A very nice and attractive place!I really admire those man-made creations.What more of those God’s creation?I thank God for the place for us to live.Thanks Maam for letting us know about Lemlunay.I am proud that I AM A SARANGAN!

  31. kaycee vhee m. melloria says:

    what a wonderful place. .i never knew that there is a place like paradise. . .thanks for blogging lemlunay maam. . awesome

  32. maryjane R. ceraste says:

    ……….woooww……i want to go this place…hope someday makapunta ako dito…it is very wonderful place…i want to relax this kind of place…thanks for blogging maam and also the information about LEMLUNAY………….

  33. Nova Ascaño says:

    hai maam!Lemlunay is just a wonderful place.I wish i was there.Its just a proof how powerful our GOD is…hehehe

  34. Mark Cornell says:

    This place is a hot ticket for my eyes. Such a wonderful place in the meatspace. Sooner, I’ll have my collection of pictures with my family in this place too. By the way, Mom, I just want to ask something. Something which is not related to Lemlunay. Do I have to indent the first sentence whenever I’ll leave a comment here? 🙂 Haha! Well, again. I ran out of words to describe the place. But as far as I know, it’s amazing. I’ll learn that sooner. 🙂

  35. nhel france dayag says:

    wow! ehehehehe….it is a very amazing place.for the lovers,friends and a family.

  36. Vinna Pagbonocan Boholst says:

    Yes ma’am. I’m really considering the Idea of going at Lemlunay someday.

  37. Janeth says:

    watta wonderful place maam for refreshing… hoping my family would come to this place,,.

  38. Auntie says:

    Twas my first time to be @ Lemlunay and had wonderful and refreshing time with you joi, pol, duday and some of the dbc staff and members. Thanks to Denden who invited us to stay overnight and experienced swimming sa Infinity Pool…wow maka lingaw jud ang underwater picture taking…hahaha funny photos tlaga!

  39. Philip says:

    the infinity pool is very nice!! i love it!! someday i will be there too.!!!

  40. Pristine Esto says:

    wow!! what a beautiful place….
    I wish I could visit there someday together with my family..

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