Today With The Generals

Today With The Generals MTV used as Opening Billboard for the TV Show featuring General Joana, General Elvie, General Glenn. The 10-episode TV talk show was featured during the Yaman Gensan Celebration in 2008. The show was directed by Direk Egai Cadiente.

Reunited and it feels so good!

5 thoughts on “Today With The Generals

  1. sheng says:

    Thanks for sharing this too, Joana! I wish to see you soon on our next meetups… Would you like to join us in our Kinilis gift-giving this December? The Rotary Club of Polomolok have extended their eagerness to do a medical mission there with us. I hope to see you soon!

  2. i am so glad to see your profile maam..and the music videos was so all great.i hope that all students of our institution will see your your profile maam..para mapabilib rin sila sa inyo you are so great maam..!!

  3. nice lage na imu kauban maam mga orange boys…husband mo yan maam..mao siguro na nag dakop sa kua hehehe..!!

  4. pristine esto says:

    wow nice shoot ma’am..
    the video was so nice and I’m inspired of it. And I’ve learned a lot..
    Ang ganda mo talaga ma’am..


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