My Time Has Come!

It is 1:01 am of November 11, 2010 and I am wide awake. My desire to capture this moment in writing is much greater than the wish to go to a far away land where penguins dance and eagles sing. Right now, I do not wish for sleep to transport me to that place of serenity. My fingers are unstoppable in breathing life to the thoughts of my heart and passing it on to the screen. I can no longer contain the ideas and the possibilities that are welling up within me. I am roaring with passion. I am bursting with energy.

After the 2nd Mindanao Bloggers Summit  (MBS2) which I hosted with Migs Hipolito in 2008 at General Santos City, I thought of shifting from Multiply to Blogger or WordPress. I thought of being an active member of the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers.  I thought of eventually getting a domain name and availing of web hosting. I thought of finding my niche and making a difference through my blog. But the thoughts just lingered in my mind.

I knew there is so much to write about Gensan and Mindanao. I knew I can write and inspire people with my words. But knowing and doing are different. I recognize that there is a disparity with what I really wanted to do with what I actually do. I have allowed the daily grind to get in the way of my blogging adventure.

The seed that was planted through MBS2  may have not shown any visible growth right away but the labor of Sir Avel Manansala was not in vain. All along, the ideas were brewing. The possibilities were expanding. All along, God was preparing me for greater things to come. He was changing my perspective. He was expanding my horizon. He was enhancing my capacity. He was shaping my character. All along, the seed was watered and nurtured.

After three years, my time has come! I can no longer stay in the confines of my safe and secure shell. I can no longer remain the same. I am bursting into the blogging realm. I am spreading my heart wide open. I am ready to share to the world what General Joana Grace Banting-Lapore has to say.

There is still so much to be done, so much to be shared.  There is no time to waste. I am so fired up, I can’t stay silent. I am leaping forward and leading change!

17 thoughts on “My Time Has Come!

  1. vanessa says:

    i am so proud of you, te Joana! =)

  2. Zaidee Macmod says:

    Thanks for sharing this. You have a wonderful gift Joanna – please continue to inspire us.

  3. bariles says:

    I am tearful while writing this Joana.

    You were the first person I was rooting for to propagate “blogging” in GenSan being an English teacher and one of the most-sought after and effective event hosts in various events in the city.

    But I guess, God has His way of making his sons and daughters move and react the way they do and it took all of 3 years for you to finally have the muster to push that “PUBLISH” button.

    So here you are with your initial formal public outing on the blogosphere and what can I say?

    I am floored Joana!

    It is just a simple intro and yet the wordsmith in you has beautifully crafted a tapestry rich in emotions at its barest, painting a young woman of substance, vision and much faith in Him who made this all happen.

    Share this to everyone you know and I am pretty sure, they will all feel the same way as I did while reading it.

    And in the meantime, sharpen your saw. Read, research on the topic of effective blogging and respond favorably to invitations from the Soccsksargen Bloggers for eyeballs. There is no truth in the rumor that bloggers are loners. They’re just shy. 🙂

    Happy blogging Joana!

  4. Ria Jose says:

    Good job! 🙂

    Happy blogging! 😉

  5. ormanganda says:

    welcome aboard the blogging world! you’re indeed a welcome addition to the Sox Bloggers!!!!

  6. rabsky says:

    Welcome Ma’am Joana! 🙂

  7. jobelyn says:

    I am so proud of you Ma’am Joana because you inspired those people around you so that someday they will show to the world the talents GOD has given them.

  8. champoy says:

    im gonna find time and realise the perfect drive for my hardcore blog soon.. o yeah.. this post makes me think i should be more intentional.. o yes.. nabubulunan..

  9. Welcome to the blogging world 😉 You’ll never see the world the same way again. You’ll forever be thinking “Oh! This would make a great blog post!” and forever wishing you have your camera with you every time you see an interesting & ‘bloggable’ shot.

    • Thank you so much, Mimi! You inspire me in a thousand and one ways! Your blog has opened my eyes to the beauty of the world and the joys of motherhood. I still have to get my passport (can you believe that!) but it seems that I have seen a lot already through your posts. I will be traveling out of the country very soon and I believe it is going to be an enriching experience, just like what you have shown via I am so blessed to know you.

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